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Accountacy profile

Our Office has a 10-year experience in accountacy.

Our offer is especially aimed for little and tiny enterprises which are about to establish and are to account for by the use of sales ledger. Our Office is willing to help while establishing an enterprise.

Our Office can keep company's accounts or provide outsourcing services when a company wants to oursource its Accountacy Department or its part.

Our Office provides accountancy services for flat shares /condominiums/.

Here are the main reasons why You or Your Company should hire Our Office:

You don't have to keep up with all the tax regulations - Our Office will send You monthly an e-mail with the info of Your tax duties /ZUS, PIT/CIT and VAT/.

You will have all the necessary formalities done all the appropriate Offices.

You don't have to take care what expenses can be reckoned up and which ones can't. You just collect all the invoices and Our Office will simply tell you which ones can be reckoned up.

You should remember that if you make a tax mistake you risk all your estate. However if you hire Our Office you have the right to compensate all the actual damages caused by Our Office if they are our fault. Our Office is protected by impairment liability insurance, which will cover all the negative consequences of accountancy faults.


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